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Online Classical Trumpet School with David Bilger
Seeded by artistsworksclassical on 25 Sep 2012
Author: ArtistWorksInc
Get a Serious Learning Advantage with a Seriously Accomplished Trumpet Teacher The first half of this video is the sample lesson, David Bilger is playing and reviewing the Schumann Symphony, which has two main components of difficulty: control and pitch. David Bilger says keeping the tongue flatter will bring the pitch of the G down and bring the color of the excerpt a little darker. David has been Principal Trumpet with Philadelphia Orchestra and there is no better person to teach orchestral trumpet excerpts! Before ArtistWorks came into the field of music education, only a handful of advanced players had the pleasure of studying with David Bilger. No longer! Now, he is able to reach out to many students without geographical constraints. No matter what level you play at, there is something for you in David Bilger's comprehensive curriculum for trumpets. Check out the free sample videos to get a feel for how David's lessons are. Those are only the pr
Instrument: Trumpet