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Added by llo on 25 Jul 2011
Anthony McCarthy
Anthony McCarthy was educated at Wells Cathedral School in Somerset before attending the University of Sheffield. After graduating and winning the recital prize he received a scholarship from the Countess of Munster to study at the Royal College of Music. Anthony lives in Central London where he juggles a busy schedule of playing and conducting across the capital. As a pianist Anthony works regularly with the Mezin Trio and the London Salon Players with whom he has travelled around the world on various ocean liners. Anthony works with many choirs and ensembles in London. In 2006 he had the opportunity of conducting Chorus Mundi in Melbourne, Australia. His work with actors and singers has taken him from the West End to Bahrain.
Work: Verdi: Il trovatore
Composer: Giuseppe Verdi
Conductor: Anthony McCarthy
Ensemble: Opera London
Presenter: Opera London
Period: Romantic
Festival: Camden Fringe