24 Feb 2013
Zoltowski: Anagoge for Sarangi, Percussion and Organ
Composer: Maciej Zoltowski
Recording Date: Fri 10 Jun 1994
ANAGOGE was commissioned by the festival „Conversatorium“ in Legnica, and was first performed there in 1995. I have used an Indian rubbed string instrument – sarangi – together with the big organ of the Evangelic church in Legnica and percussion (one player). The spatial disposition requires the sarangi player to play in the frontal part of a church, in the front of public, the organ and percussion are playing from behind. The title is a notion taken from neoplatonic philosophy. It means the way up, going up in spiritual development. The motto is "?ry to raise what is divine in you to that, what is divine in the Universe" – the sentence said by the great philosopher ???t???? on his death bed. 13’
Anagoge for Sarangi, Percussion and Organ (13:16)
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