Type of Review
The opening work on the program, Missy Mazzoli's "Still Life With Avalanche," is the work that launched my interest in her. It was on the program at the Look and Listen Festival this past May 7. The piece was performed, and then Missy was invited to the stage. To my astonishment, the young woman sitting right next to me got up. Later that evening, we became acquainted. Now I got the opportunity to hear it a second time, and now it had a new significance for me.

The next work on the program, Boulez's "Dérive 1," is a piece with which I am familiar from a recording. The remarks made by one of the performers possibly shed some new light on it for me, though I am not sure I agree totally with the remarks. The speaker was trying to find something in common between the Mazzoli and the Boulez. He stated accurately that the Mazzoli had a soft background with more active material over it. He said that the trills in the Boulez were the background there, also stating that the trills were presently constantly through the piece. I heard some parts where there were no trills, and at the beginning, the trills were very much in the foreground.

If there is any other piece that the Mazzoli reminded me of, it is Ives's "The Unanswered Question," which also had a soft background with active material simultaneously in contrast. But the similarities between these two piece end right there; they have nothing else in common as far as I could tell.

The level of musical performance for the entire program was at the top.
Posted on 1 Feb 2011, 3:49 PM