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Today the popularity of online education has seen a steep rise in US, UK, Canada, Australia and other developed countries, since the cost of traditional tutoring in such countries is relatively higher. Apart from this, students feel comfortable while learning online because of the flexibility of timing, one to one based approach of study, classroom tutoring, homework help, live chat, offline homework help and use of multimedia services. With distance education you no need to go to school or univrsity, you can study with websites like and find tutorials or guides here, or you can buy essay if you don't have time. It works because students often get stuck on a particular problem and need the answer for homework or for the next day’s test, and this way they can get help immediately.

Focus on developing and strengthening ties with students has been encouraged in modern time to gain the maximum learning opportunities. Here we discuss some convenient principles of good practice in undergraduate education:

1. Students and Faculty Relationship: Good relation in between students and faculty helps in improving motivation and involvement in order to develop a friendly environment for learning and knowledge.

2. Leads to Active Learning: Learning is more of a dynamic process. It is not all about sitting in a classroom, listening to the teacher, memorizing lessons and producing answers when asked. Learning is an active activity, talking about an issue, participating in discussions, relate to the live experiences. They must make what they learn part of themselves.

3. Feedback is Required: After every activity, feedback is require because a good feedback encourage. By way of feedbacks, students feel appreciated and the pace of learning gets faster and quicker.

4. Timeliness Assignments: Assignments are a kind of test of learning. It reflects the understanding and grasping power of a student in due course of learning period.

5. Develops Communication: Communication is one of the best methods for creating friendly environment which improves ties between students and faculty. Good communication, students can express their minds more freely and correctly and faculty can be able to understand their students in a better way.

6. Appreciates Talents and Recognize Ways of Learning: Faculty must appreciate the pool of talent and their different ways of learning. Remember different person has a different grasping power and way to understand things. Try to aim at the ultimate learning then to look into different ways.
Posted on 2 Jan 2020, 9:57 AM