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The music is actually great. I was listening to it on a loop when I was in Tenerife . Like, I couldn't help doing it because it's so gripping. It's really appropriate for vacations.
Oh, this music inspires me to learn more. I'm studying astrophysics and astronomy. Right now I'm learning comets of the Solar System, reading about Shoemaker-Levy 9 and the music helps me to focus on.
I adore Mozart's music. It was the underground because it was beyond standards and habits. Antonio Salieri was recognized as the best in those days. And nowadays NY Philharmonic performs more often with Mozart. By the way, I happened to be in New ... read more
Talking about phones. Do you make international calls usually? I do and I'm fed up with different area codes which I have to keep in mind. Thankfully, I found this resource where you can easily check different area codes ... read more
This is one of my favourite works of him. I can listen to it on repeat. I remember when I was on a business trip to Panama I listened to it days and nights without any break. Great composer.
Just awesome. I don't know what else to say.
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