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Choice Media Design
Choice Media Design
Work Area Midwest U.S.
Services Audio Engineer & Producer
Providing high quality, on-location, digital recording of small ensembles and soloists.
Employing "minimalist" microphone techniques in setups respectful of audience enjoyment of the live concert. Our goal is the preservation of the original performance, reflecting the authentic acoustics of the venue. Files are provided which are suitable for distributing on physical or online media. You will retain all copyright to the recording and perpetual access to the original files. The following examples were all recorded in performances with audience present. Your comments and inquiries about these are welcome.

HINTS: For playback of recordings on, and other online audio below, click on a Play arrow (pointing to the right), an indicator of audio available to play. Inside the pop-up Playback window, InstantEncore (and ReverbNation) has set the default volume at the mid-point. Slide the volume controller to full right (loud) and then make finer adjustments to your listening preference on your computer. Click the Play arrow next to the album (concert) title, work title (which may contain multiple parts or pieces), or individual pieces. Click on more than one Details about each piece on Instant Encore can be viewed by clicking the "i" icon in the listing or the "Now Playing" tab in the Playback window. VIDEOS: For better playback of videos, pause playback, allow the file to fully load. Then play the video from the beginning.
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Service Rate
Reasonable and negotiable
Contact Info
Phone 773-539-5339
Address Choice Media Design
P.O. Box 59157
Chicago, IL 60659

Fax: 773-539-5285