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Long Tail Audio LLC
Long Tail Audio LLC
Work Area New York City
Services Audio Engineer & Producer, Digital Manager, New Media Consultant
Content Preparation and Restoration for Digital Opportunities.

Music institutions around the world have the majority of their audio recordings stored on physical media. In order to make this history available to a contemporary audience, or to continue its availability, it is imperative to transform these assets into new digital formats. Some of the collections within these institutions may have limited commercial value but have an immense cultural or institutional value that is currently untapped because they are not readily accessible. Some of the content may have been created decades ago and may never have been made available.

With the proliferation of digital media outlets there is an explosion in demand for quality content. Long Tail Audio LLC can economically resurrect and refurbish these materials and make them available for any commercial or archival application. Once the assets have been organized and digitized our partner, Instant Encore, has provided the necessary tools to build vibrant websites, mobile applications, audiences, and increase the lifetime of each fan of Classical music. We feel we are the perfect combination for each content owner to help create new digital opportunities from old and new assets while they maintain control using our efficient cost effective method of production services.
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Phone 646-448-4480
Address 630 Ninth Ave., Suite 1110
New York, NY 10036