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Arizona Opera "Florencia en el Amazonas" Added by classicalazpbs on 13 Mar 2017
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Inspired by the magical realism of celebrated author Gabriel García Márquez, Florencia en el Amazonas is a journey through the physical and mystical worlds of love, desire and the mighty Amazon River. Florencia Grimaldi is travelling through the enchanted rainforest and hopes to find her long lost lover, a butterfly hunter who disappeared in the jungle many years ago. Wracked by storms and a cholera outbreak, she and her fellow passengers are drawn deeper into the Amazon where fantasy and reality intertwine and their hopes and dreams are tested. Written by the late Mexican composer Daniel Catán, Florencia en el Amazonas was the first-ever Spanish-language opera commissioned in the U.S. and has become a smash sensation around the globe ever since its premiere.
Date taken: 15 Nov 2015
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Work: Catán: Florencia en el Amazonas
Composer: Daniel Catán
Conductor: Joseph Mechavich
Ensemble: Arizona Opera
Venue: Symphony Hall
Form/Genre: Opera
Period: 20th Century