I have been looking into booking our first family holiday abroad – it is a very exciting time! The children are now 12 and 14 (so they are both in secondary school), and are very excited to be going somewhere outside of the UK – and hoping to put some of their newly acquired language skills into good use.

The main problem I have come across is the sheer expense – flights and accommodation packages during school holidays are astronomically more expensive. So, I’ve looked at taking them out of school for a week – and found that if I do, I will have a fine to pay per child! However, the cost of the fine, compared to the saving is nothing, and so I will be taking them out of school to go on holiday.

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I am worried that the classes they miss will be important, however, I will ensure that they are up to date and even ahead in their homework before we go, and have organised catch up homework for them to do once they are back. I think this is the best solution all around.
Posted on 4 Feb 2020, 11:29 AM