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Online Dating Etiquette 101: Winks
July 25, 2008 by e
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Don’t be this guy.
He’s winking. Doesn’t that just look silly?
If you were a geek girl, wouldn’t you rather see a nice smile and read a few sentences about why he found you interesting?
I know I would!

Why You Should Never Just Wink
? Winks are lazy.
It’s one click. Isn’t your dating life worth more than one click? It certainly is! Slow down and decide – why is this girl special? – then write her an email to let her know just that.
? Winks tell her that you’re interested… but not THAT interested.
If you can’t muster up the motivation to send her a couple sentences of email, how can you expect her to think you were interested in being her partner in life and love?
? Winks are “tossing the net wide” without thought for what you catch.
No girl wants to be one in a sea of fish. She’s wondering, “How many other girls did he wink at?”
The key to making a girl yours is to make her feel like she’s the only girl in your world. Start that from day one and you’ll hook her fast!
? A wink without an email relays a lack of confidence.
Winks can sometimes say:
“I think you’re cute, but I’m afraid you’re out of my league. I’m hoping … maybe… possibly… you’ll write me? Please?”
Step up and email. Be a man!
I’m not saying totally bypass the wink. If you use it, follow it up immediately by an email.
Happy dating, geek friends.

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