Posted on 19 Jun 2019, 9:40 AM

RealLifeā„¢ Dating Guidelines Part III: Parties

I love parties. I have not always loved them. When I was eight, I had a birthday party that effectively ended when I hit my best friend's cousin over the head with the board from the Concentration game. I burst into tears of rage and humiliation and went to my room. What can I say? I got jealous.

The parties in junior high were pretty fun. Sometime I'll tell you about the very thorough kissing game we invented. I can't tell you about high school parties because I didn't go to high school.

I started loving parties in college. Why? Because there were boys there. It's all about the boys. I didn't mind the beer and the dancing and even the smoking--that was all fun too. But for me it was 99% about the boys. And they never called me boy crazy! Isn't that funny? I was always rather collected and I went after what I wanted. I often got it--or I got something that I thought was it and turned out not to be. That is, I thought I wanted a boyfriend and instead I usually got a kiss. I sure kissed a lot of boys at parties when I was in college.
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