Posted on 3 Sep 2019, 11:19 AM

Offer to split the bill - An absolute must for internet dating (and all blind dates). You’ll both be going on a large number of first dates (another reason why first date is a drink) so lets not try to bankrupt the men. Many dating services effectively only charge men and even for the very wealthy it starts to get ridiculous. A social life isn’t cheap for a man (nor for a woman, though it gets spent more on hair/nails/clothes…), and I like the normal roles of who pays (stupid evolutionary conditioning), but online dating makes things ridiculous. You will go on large numbers of date with people where it becomes rapidly apparent that you have no future beyond the check - if you’re paying for your own drink(s) everyone can keep their sense of humor and look forward to the next opportunity. Otherwise it begins to be a way to buy drinks (or worse, dinners) for women you don’t like and who may have misrepresented themselves. If we wanted to do that, we’d call up an ex:D
4 Do not go some place where you know the customers. If you know the staff, it should only because you’re a relatively frequent or long time customer and the staff should be obviously not a past or future romantic candidate. You are out to get to know your date - not to spend time with anyone else. If you want to be spending time with someone else while you are on a date, end the date because you just aren’t interested in your date. With online dating you will be going on a ridiculously large number of first dates. Use this as a way of exploring new places, rather than letting people who know you see everyone you possibly have an interest in. No one wants to be your 95th internet date, and they especially do not want to be reminded of the fact that you will probably be going out with 3-15 people a week! If you keep going to the same places, especially where you are friends with customers, this may be made apparent by others and cause disaster, and will of course only happen on otherwise exceptional dates.
Posted on 24 Jul 2020, 4:34 PM