What can YOU do about it?
Drag him to the gym, and restrict him to a low fat diet.
When you’ve got a fatter wallet
Sometimes, its really hard to understand men. When you earn more, their ego deflates and by some weird side effect, so does their manhood. If your husband believes he’s not providing for his family, he may feel less masculine, and less interested in sex!
What can YOU do about it?
Offer to take him out to a swanky restaurant? Nope! Sit down in your living room, and talk to your spouse about this issue.
When he’s licking his wounds
Every man thinks he’s Hercules, and so does his ego. A lot of their identity is tied up with their male prowess and strength. If a recent injury bothers him while having sex, and he cannot fully enjoy himself, it makes a man less masculine. He would be worried if his injury might take him less than satisfactory in bed, and the pain would make him doubt his sexual ability.
What can YOU do about it?
Indulge in a lot of cuddling

Posted on 11 Sep 2020, 4:00 PM