Again, the content of the page located in the body of your site is the most important part of your website in general. Try making your first paragraph engaging, start it by saying something relevant and interesting. Your first paragraph need to help your clients to decide to write "write my essay" on website such as in your order form and after you need to write it fast and good! Use the second sentence in the paragraph to place a link to a related affiliate product.

Don't spam your site with affiliate links in every first paragraph on every page. Ideally you want to promote products that are actually helpful to the audience of your website. You want to think that people will remember your website because it is through your website they discovered and bought something relevant to their interests.

This is why it is important to actually know the purpose and qualities of the products you are selling on your website. When you know what those things are, you can mention them in the sentence where your affiliate link to that product is residing. This way the reader has a reason for clicking on it. It becomes more than a link. It becomes a suggestion.
Posted on 21 Feb 2020, 11:12 AM