We play out these speed tests in fi ve separate areas, including three inside tests and two outside tests. To quantify throughput at every area, we run the open-source Jperf utility, which is a GUI front end for Iperf. For these tests, we hard-wire a work area to the router to go about as the Server, and utilize a PC outfitted with a Linksys USB6300 double band AC USB connector for the Client PC. What's more, if material, we wrap things up by measuring record move execution from every router's USB using a Lexar JumpDrive P10 USB 3.0 blaze containing a 3GB document and 1GB envelope containing a few littler documents.

Since this is a gathering of spending routers, we're looking for speed in respect to cost. That is to state, we don't expect a $80 AC750 router to play out equivalent to a $250 AC1900 192.168.l.l router. Simultaneously, we do hope to see speed gains over the 802.11n standard, generally there truly isn't any point in purchasing an AC router.
Posted on 25 Aug 2019, 2:39 PM