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Michael graduated from Trinity College, Cambridge in 2010, having spent four years as Organ Scholar under the direction of Stephen Layton. During his time there he was involved with the Choir's numerous international tours, concerts and recordings, including a month-long tour across Australia in September 2010.
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Tickets GO OPERA PRESENTS... GO TRAVIATA by Giuseppe Verdi (sung in Italian, with translation) Bringing the glamour of 19th Century Paris to the heart of East London, this bitesize version of Verdi's celebrated work takes Grand Opera to places it never thought it would go... Lasting no longer than 85 minutes, Go Traviata aims to delight and surprise you all - opera cynics and opera lovers alike. Showcasing some of the finest, young talent in the opera world, GO TRAVIATA will be a cultural event not to be missed! Telling the age-old story of doomed love between Violetta, famed courtesan and Alfredo, well-to-do gentleman, and set amidst high society Paris, where decadence and debauchery reigned, Traviata evokes bothe extreme pleasure and crushing sadness. Production Director: Rosie Parker Musical Director: Michael Waldron Set Designer: Toby O'Connor Costume Designer: Bart Cariss Creative Producers: Dominic Kraemer, Elly Condron LOCATION: Undisclosed
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For those who want to see something different, WE INTEND TO PROVIDE REVELATION For those who don't know the first thing about opera, WE INTEND TO GET YOUR HEARTS RACING For those who find grand opera houses too costly, WE INTEND TO MAKE OPERA AFFORDABLE For those who feel intimidated by opera elitism, WE WANT TO MAKE IT WORK FOR YOU For those whose minds wander, WE INTEND TO ENCOURAGE THEIR WANDERING For those who have seen it all, WE WILL QUESTION OUR UNDERSTANDING FOR THOSE WHO THINK THEY HATE OPERA, LET US TRY TO CHANGE YOUR MINDS Sick and tired of seeing opera misunderstood, a team of creative and committed nerds have fused with some very cool, though equally nerdy, digital wizards to bring live opera performance to a wider, more eclectic audience. The aim of GO OPERA is to target people that wouldn’t normally consider a night at the opera an enjoyable distraction from the hustle and bustle of city life. At GO, we choose the best bits of the best operas, condense them
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