RADIO SLAM 2020 (in partnership with KUAA & Utah Arts Alliance)
5 May 2020
Ensemble: Plan-B Theatre
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Ensemble: Plan-B Theatre
Act I - MY EYES ARE CLOSED SO PLEASE DON’T TEXT ME by Elaine Jarvik (10:05) N/A
Act II - REACTING TO MYSELF IN AN APOCALYPSE!!!!! (Not Clickbait) (Gone Wrong) by Jenny Kokai (11:08) N/A
Act III - LITTLE KARL by Melissa Leilani Larson (10:59) N/A
Act IV - INFLUENCER by Jenifer Nii (8:49) N/A
Act V - *Bonus Episode: THE GRUFFALO, adapted from Julia Donaldson's book by The Rowland Hall Players (grades 7-8)* (14:09) N/A
Act VI - *Bonus Episode: THE AWAKENING by The Rowland Hall Players (grade 6)* (16:15) N/A