OSLO Audio Tour
11 Sep 2019
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Audio Tour: OSLO Audio Tour N/A
Composer: OSLO Audio Tour
Recording Date: Sun 8 Sep 2019
Welcome (0:36) N/A
The Oslo Channel, a Timeline (18:51) N/A
What Went Wrong (3:18) N/A
What Do You Remember? (0:33) N/A
Ahmed Qurie Quote (0:30) N/A
Uri Savir & Ahmed Qurie Quotes (1:00) N/A
The Negotiating Points (3:15) N/A
Who's Who (5:06) N/A
Yitzhak Rabin & Yasser Arafat Quotes (1:49) N/A
Ahmed Qurie Quote (0:42) N/A
Resolving Conflict (0:18) N/A
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