Soloists of the New York Philharmonic — McGill, Huang, Alessi, Phelps, and Langevin
16 Aug 2019
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Copland: Concerto for Clarinet N/A
Composer: Aaron Copland
Conductor: Jaap van Zweden
Recording Date: Thu 24 Jan 2019
Opening and Introduction to Copland (2:09) N/A
Concerto for Clarinet (16:57) N/A
Barber: Concerto for Violin, Op. 14 N/A
Composer: Samuel Barber
Conductor: Juraj Valcuha
Recording Date: Wed 31 Oct 2018
Back-announce and Introduction to Barber (2:03) N/A
I - Allegro (11:14) N/A
II - Andante (9:56) N/A
III - Presto in moto perpetuo (3:43) N/A
Bolcom: Trombone Concerto N/A
Composer: William Bolcom
Conductor: Alan Gilbert
Recording Date: Wed 28 Dec 2016
Back-announce and Introduction to Bolcom (1:13) N/A
I - Quasi una fantasia (11:12) N/A
II - Blues (4:05) N/A
III - Charade (4:50) N/A
Back-announce (0:35) N/A
Adolphe: Unearth, Release (Concerto for Viola and Orchestra) N/A
Composer: Julia Adolphe
Conductor: Jaap van Zweden
Recording Date: Thu 17 Nov 2016
Introduction to Adolphe (1:17) N/A
I - Captive Voices (11:16) N/A
II - Surface Tension (3:08) N/A
III - Embracing Mist (6:23) N/A
Mozart: Concerto for Flute No. 2 in D major, K 314 (285d) N/A
Conductor: Bernard Labadie
Recording Date: Thu 1 Dec 2016
Back-announce and Introduction to Mozart (1:13) N/A
I - Allegro aperto (7:18) N/A
II - Andante ma non troppo (7:11) N/A
III - Rondo: Allegro (5:43) N/A
Closing and Credits (2:03) N/A
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