ASU in Concert - Mar 21, 2019: Contemporary Music performed by ASU Wind Orchestra and Wind Ensemble
22 Mar 2019
Presenter: ASU School of Music
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Prangcharoen: Lokuttara N/A
Billboard / Intro... (2:11) N/A
Lokuttara (14:22) N/A
Central Sound: *ONLINE EXCLUSIVE*: Interview with conductor Gary Hill
Composer: Central Sound
Conductor: Gary Hill
*ONLINE EXCLUSIVE*: Interview with conductor Gary Hill (2:14) N/A
Prangcharoen: Namaskar N/A
Intro / About... (0:37) N/A
Namaskar (9:28) N/A
Mackey: Xerxes
Composer: John Mackey
Conductor: Shannon Shaker
Recording Date: Tue 19 Sep 2017
Xerxes (5:25) N/A
Barfield: Red Sky N/A
Intro / About... (0:58) N/A
Red Sky (13:08) N/A
Dooley: Masks and Machines N/A
Composer: Paul Dooley
Conductor: Gary Hill
Recording Date: Tue 4 Apr 2017
Intro / About... (0:32) N/A
I - In a Baroque Style (3:16) N/A
II - Quarter note = 56 (3:21) N/A
III - Quarter note =168 (3:27) N/A
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