Assembled Memories
26 Oct 2017
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Pinkham: The Good Things of Life
Composer: Daniel Pinkham
Conductor: Jonathan Richter
The Good Things of Life (4:02) N/A
Fine: The Hour Glass N/A
O do not wanton with those eyes (1:28) N/A
Lament (2:17) N/A
Hour-glass (2:45) N/A
Thompson: A Psalm of Thanksgiving
Composer: Randall Thompson
Conductor: Jonathan Richter
O give thanks unto the Lord (5:35) N/A
Haig: I Hear
Composer: Andrew Haig
Conductor: Erica Washburn
I Hear (6:16) N/A
Blumfield: to flee from memory
to flee from memory (5:50) N/A
Panh: Remember Me
Remember Me (4:21) N/A
Weagle: Assembly
Composer: Derek J. Weagle
Conductor: Erica Washburn
Assembly (5:44) N/A
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