The Audience Audio Tour: Prime Ministers
18 Aug 2017
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The Audience Audio Tour: Prime Ministers N/A
Bonus One: Prime Ministers (1:59) N/A
PM1: Winston Churchill (2:17) N/A
PM2: Anthoy Eden (2:17) N/A
PM3: Harold MacMillan (1:38) N/A
PM4: Alec Douglas-Home (1:48) N/A
PM5: Harold Wilson (2:35) N/A
PM6:Edward Heath (1:48) N/A
PM7: James Callaghan (1:46) N/A
PM8: Margaret Thatcher (2:30) N/A
PM9: John Major (2:10) N/A
PM10: Tony Blair (2:12) N/A
PM11: Gordon Brown (2:14) N/A
PM12: David Cameron (2:11) N/A
PM13: Theresa May (1:47) N/A
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