NEC Philharmonia, Wolff /Schoenberg, Dun, Mussorgsky: Pieces Inspired by Paintings
5 Dec 2016
Ensemble: NEC Philharmonia
Conductor: Hugh Wolff
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Schoenberg: Finding Rothko
Composer: Adam Schoenberg
Conductor: Hugh Wolff
Ensemble: NEC Philharmonia
Finding Rothko (16:12) N/A
Tan Dun: Death and Fire - Dialogue with Paul Klee N/A
Composer: Tan Dun
Conductor: Hugh Wolff
Ensemble: NEC Philharmonia
Portrait (2:58) N/A
Insert I: Animals at Full Moon (2:53) N/A
Insert II: Senicio (1:54) N/A
Insert III: Ad Parnassum (2:20) N/A
Self Portrait (6:46) N/A
Insert IV: Twittering Machine (1:06) N/A
Insert V: Earth Witches (1:10) N/A
Insert VI: Intoxication (2:18) N/A
Insert VII: J.S. Bach (1:25) N/A
Death and Fire (4:09) N/A
Mussorgsky: Pictures at an Exhibition N/A
Conductor: Hugh Wolff
Ensemble: NEC Philharmonia
Promenade (1:47) N/A
Gnomus (2:36) N/A
Promenade (0:56) N/A
Il vecchio castello (4:37) N/A
Promenade (0:33) N/A
Tuileries (1:02) N/A
Bydlo (2:32) N/A
Promenade (0:43) N/A
Ballet of the Chicks in Their Shells (1:15) N/A
Samuel Goldenberg and Schmuyle (2:16) N/A
Marketplace at Limoges (1:29) N/A
Catacombae, sepulchrum romanum (1:55) N/A
Con mortuis in lingua mortua (1:52) N/A
Hut on Fowl's Legs (3:40) N/A
Great Gate of Kiev (5:30) N/A
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