Lulie the Iceberg
6 Oct 2014
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Stock: Lulie the Iceberg N/A
Composer: Jeffrey Stock
Meerara, marluliara (4:35) N/A
Listen, for we have a tale to tell (10:07) N/A
His friends gathered around him (2:36) N/A
The clown-faced Puffins were delighted (5:02) N/A
The Dolphins kept up a friendly chatter and took turns pulling (7:58) N/A
The Winds felt sorry for him (6:02) N/A
Stop! Please stop! (3:46) N/A
At night the moon and stars would whisper sweet words of encouragement (2:35) N/A
Many days passed (1:41) N/A
Drifting past the coast of Brazil, Lulie was blissfully happy (5:16) N/A
The Southern Humpback Whales came to greet him (5:20) N/A
It was then that Lulie heard the voices (4:52) N/A
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