Dutch Masters and their inspiration/The Stolz Quartet/Verbey, Scriabin, Ravel, Zuidam, De Vries, Einarsson, Liszt
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28 Feb 2014
Ensemble: Stolz Quartet
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Scriabin: Preludes (4) for Piano, Op. 33 N/A
Prelude no 1 in E major (1:05) N/A
Prelude no 2 in F sharp major (1:20) N/A
Prelude no 3 in C major (0:30) N/A
Prelude no 4 in A flat major (0:50) N/A
Verbey: 4 Preludes to Infinity N/A
Composer: Theo Verbey
Ensemble: Stolz Quartet
I. - Mysterious (2:33) N/A
II. - Restless (3:07) N/A
III. - Religious (3:00) N/A
IV. - Luminous (3:46) N/A
Liszt: Via crucis, S 53
Composer: Franz Liszt
Ensemble: Stolz Quartet
Station IV: Jesus meets his holy mother (2:42) N/A
Ravel: Le tombeau de Couperin N/A
Composer: Maurice Ravel
Arranger: Robert Zuidam
Ensemble: Stolz Quartet
Prélude (3:17) N/A
Forlane (5:50) N/A
Fugue (3:45) N/A
Menuet (4:22) N/A
Rigaudon (3:16) N/A
Zuidam: A Love Unsung
A Love Unsung - excerpt (6:10) N/A
Vries: Haikus
Haikus (4:25) N/A
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