Summertime Classics: The Planets – An HD Odyssey
26 Jul 2013
Conductor: Bramwell Tovey
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Adams: Short Ride in a Fast Machine N/A
Composer: John Adams
Conductor: Bramwell Tovey
Billboard and intro to Adams (0:47) N/A
Short Ride in a Fast Machine (4:21) N/A
Back Announcement and intro to Offenbach (5:49) N/A
Offenbach: Le voyage dans la lune N/A
Conductor: Bramwell Tovey
Ballet of the Snowflakes (11:10) N/A
Back Announcement and intro to Strauss (6:27) N/A
Strauss: Sphärenklänge N/A
Composer: Josef Strauss
Conductor: Bramwell Tovey
Sphärenklänge (9:21) N/A
Back Announcement and Edwin Hubble intermission feature (13:35) N/A
Intro to The Planets (5:55) N/A
Holst: The Planets, Op. 32/H 125 N/A
Mars, the Bringer of War (7:44) N/A
Venus, the Bringer of Peace (8:12) N/A
Mercury, the Winged Messenger (4:04) N/A
Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity (8:07) N/A
Saturn, the Bringer of Old Age (9:12) N/A
Uranus, the Magician (6:20) N/A
Neptune, the Mystic (7:52) N/A
Back Announcement and Encore (3:33) N/A
End Credits & Theme Music (1:32) N/A
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