Steans Music Instittue: 8/13/2012 American Songs Concert 4
19 Sep 2012
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Larsen: ME N/A
II. Childhood (5:03) N/A
III. Adolescence (4:20) N/A
VII. Art (Life is Love..) (7:18) N/A
Copland: Old American Songs N/A
The Dodger (3:05) N/A
Long Time Ago (2:42) N/A
Simple Gifts (1:39) N/A
I Bought Me a Cat (2:39) N/A
Corigliano: Mr. Tambourine Man: Seven Poems of Bob Dylan N/A
VI. Chimes of Freedom (7:38) N/A
VII. Postlude: Forever Young (3:59) N/A
Musto: Shadow of the Blues N/A
Silhouette (1:01) N/A
Litany (2:55) N/A
Island (1:24) N/A
Could Be (3:05) N/A
Bolcom: Cabaret Songs (24) N/A
Toothbrush Time (3:30) N/A
Waitin' (1:39) N/A
Over the Piano (3:27) N/A
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