Best of Spring 2012 Performances
24 Jul 2012
Presenter: UMKC Conservatory
Conductors: Robert Bode; Joseph Parisi
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Runestad: I Will Lift Mine Eyes
I Will Lift Mine Eyes (3:22) N/A
Lang: The Little Match Girl Passion N/A
I - come, daughter (3:28) N/A
II - it was terribly cold (3:36) N/A
III - dearest heart (0:57) N/A
IV - in an old apron (1:28) N/A
V - penance and remorse (1:46) N/A
VI - lights were shining (2:02) N/A
VII - patience! patience! (0:50) N/A
VIII - ah! perhaps (2:25) N/A
IX - have mercy, my god (4:26) N/A
X - she lighted another match (1:38) N/A
XI - from the sixth hour (2:23) N/A
XII - she again rubbed a match (1:47) N/A
XIII - when it is time for me to go (3:51) N/A
XIV - in the dawn of the morning (3:14) N/A
XV - we sit and cry (5:59) N/A
Hartke: The King of the Sun for Piano Quartet N/A
I - Personages in the night guided by the phosphorescent tracks of snails (2:16) N/A
II - Dutch interior (3:10) N/A
III - Dancer listening to the organ in a Gothic cathedral (5:52) N/A
Interlude (1:01) N/A
IV - The flames of the sun make the desert flower hysterical (4:52) N/A
V - Personages and birds rejoicing at the arrival of night (5:33) N/A
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