120718 A Recital by the American Brass Quintet
27 Jul 2012
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Fetter: Music Of the Early Republic N/A
Composer: David Fetter
The President's March (1:21) N/A
Minuet (1:45) N/A
Gavotte (0:45) N/A
General Burgoyne's March (1:51) N/A
Ives: Songs N/A
Composer: Charles Ives
On the Counter (1:12) N/A
The Side Show (0:28) N/A
Slow March (1:25) N/A
Tarrant Moss (1:05) N/A
Greenberg: New Work
Quintet for Brass, op. 25 (14:09) N/A
Plog: Songs of War and Loss N/A N/A
Composer: Anthony Plog
Beat! Beat! Drums! (4:26) N/A N/A
An Army Corps on the March (1:50) N/A N/A
How Solemn as One by One (2:41) N/A N/A
Cavalry Crossing a Ford (2:15) N/A N/A
By the Bivouac's Fitful Flame (3:10) N/A N/A
Reconciliation (4:02) N/A N/A
A Sight in Camp in the Daybreak Gray and Dim (5:45) N/A N/A
Starer: Serenade for Brass N/A N/A
Allegro (3:42) N/A N/A
Andante (4:28) N/A N/A
Vivace (3:30) N/A N/A
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