Musica Vitale, Elena Vizuet/Choral Concerto Pushkin's Wreath/Sviridov
23 Jul 2012
Ensemble: Musica Vitale
Conductor: Elena Vizuet
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Sviridov: Choral Concerto Pushkin's Wreath N/A
Composer: Georgy Sviridov
Conductor: Elena Vizuet
Ensemble: Musica Vitale
Recording Date: Sun 24 Jun 2012
II - A Ring from my Sweetheart (4:49) N/A
III - Mary (2:30) N/A
IV - The Echo (2:32) N/A
V - The Grecian feast (3:52) N/A
VII - They Ring for Matins (3:55) N/A
VIII - Natasha (2:09) N/A
IX - Arise, O Timid One (4:53) N/A
X - A White -flanked Chatterbox (3:14) N/A
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