University of Michigan Concert Band, Dorsey / Reinkemeyer
25 Jul 2011
Conductor: Rodney Dorsey
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Reinkemeyer: Dos Danzas for Concert Band N/A
Conductor: Rodney Dorsey
Recording Date: Wed 13 Apr 2011
Dos Danzas (2010) for concert band was commissioned by and is dedicated to Miller Asbill and The Texas Tech University Concert Band who premiered the work on April 25, 2010 at Hemmle Recital Hall, Lubbock, Texas. As if emerging from a fog, the first movement, Tangential Tango, is a sultry bitonal dance that utilizes long melodic lines against a pulsing tango rhythm. The two keys are attracted to one another, yet push apart like magnets with the same polarity. Gallo Fino literally translates from Spanish as “fine rooster;” in the colloquial, it also refers to a finely dressed man who is ready for a night on the town. The uneven 3+3+2 time signature supports the imagery of a strutting rooster preened to impress. Many thanks to Miller Asbill, the music students at Texas Tech University, and Brian Amer for their artistic support.
I - Tangential Tango (4:04) N/A
II - Gallo Fino (5:48) N/A
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