2011/03/04 53rd Student Recital
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Beethoven: Sonata for Cello and Piano no 4 in C major, Op. 102 no 1 N/A
I - Andante - Allegro vivace (6:52) N/A
II - Adagio - Tempo d'andante - Allegro vivace (7:31) N/A
Dvorak: Zigeunermelodien (7), Op. 55/B 104 (Gypsy Songs) N/A
My song of love rings through the dusk (2:28) N/A
Hey! Ring out my triangle (1:11) N/A
All round about the woods are still (2:30) N/A
Songs my mother taught me (2:06) N/A
Tune thy strings, O gypsy (1:06) N/A
Wide the sleeves and trousers (1:16) N/A
Give a hawk a fine cage (1:54) N/A
Carter: Four Lauds N/A
Riconscenza per Goffredo Petrassi (6:04) N/A
Rhapsodic Musings (3:17) N/A
Liszt: Sonata for Piano in B minor, S 178
Sonata for Piano in B minor, S 178 (27:19) N/A
Yang: Rain Out at Sea N/A
What It Would Be to See You New (1:47) N/A
A Tale (1:16) N/A
Request (1:13) N/A
After Aristotle (1:57) N/A
He Writes of His First Love (2:42) N/A
That Summer (3:20) N/A
What It Would Be: Three Guesses (5:09) N/A
Mozart: Concerto for Horn no 3 in E flat major, K 447 N/A
I - Allegro (7:05) N/A
II - Romance: Larghetto (4:25) N/A
III - Allegro (4:00) N/A
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