Joseph Howell playing jazz clarinet (samples)
30 Jan 2011
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A Diverse Variety of Short Jazz Clarinet Clips N/A
Recording Date: Sat 29 Jan 2011
showoff cadenza (0:40) N/A
updated interpretation: sing sing sing clarinet solo (1:08) N/A
aggressive bop clarinet (0:53) N/A
boston time feel (1:02) N/A
dissonant wordless rap on clarinet (0:34) N/A
dixieland (why not?) (0:35) N/A
out out out (1:01) N/A
trane ish (0:42) N/A
relaxed (0:30) N/A
contemporary (1:34) N/A
oldschool ballad (0:41) N/A
oldschool bop (0:31) N/A
live version of which way solo (3:30) N/A
slowish rhythm changes (0:59) N/A
noone plus (0:52) N/A
abstract (0:31) N/A
blues (3:11) N/A
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