Sviridov- Snow Storm/ The Protege Philharmonic, Joseph Glymph
12 Nov 2010
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Sviridov: Snow Storm (after Pushkin) N/A
Composer: Gyorgy Sviridov
Recording Date: Sun 21 Dec 2003
I - Troika (3:05) N/A
II - Waltz (4:26) N/A
III - Spring and Autumn (2:26) N/A
IV - Romance (5:42) N/A
V - Pastorale (2:18) N/A
VI - Military March (2:26) N/A
VII - Wedding Ceremony (3:07) N/A
VIII - Echo of Waltz (2:15) N/A
IX - Winter Road (2:58) N/A
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