Bartók and Ott 2010
9 Nov 2010
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Ott: Parting for Viola alone
Composer: Daniel Ott
Recording Date: Tue 29 Jun 2010
Parting for Viola alone (12:06) N/A
Bartók: Concerto for Viola and Orchestra, Sz 120/BB 128
Concerto for Viola and Orchestra, Sz 120 (21:34) N/A
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Charles Noble (Viola)
It was great to do these two pieces over the summer festival season for a couple of reasons. First of all, they're both great pieces for the instrument, each pushing technical boundaries in their own ways. For example, the opposing glissando double-stops near the beginning of Daniel Ott's piece "Parting" are not something I've ever encountered before in pieces I've either performed or listened to. The Bartók was a repertoire staple nearly from the beginning, in spite of its unfinished status and subsequent completion by Tibor Serly. It, too, presented violists with new challenges, including the highest notes in the repertoire for quite some time.
The Bartok has been in my repertoire as an audition piece since my student days, but I'd never gotten a chance to perform the piece in it's entirety until this past summer. It's taken a few years to accomplish, but with the Bartók performed, I've completed the trilogy of the major viola concertos - Bartók, Walton, and Hindemith. Phew!
It was a great pleasure to be joined in the Bartók performance by pianist Duane Hulbert, who is the chair of the piano department at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington. I'd never gotten the chance to work with him before, and his virtuosity and musicality were a great addition to this maiden voyage!
Note: in the photo above, I'm pictured with Portland pianist Cary Lewis, with whom I've had the great pleasure to collaborate many times over the last few years.
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