Detroit Symphony Orchestra, Wilkins / Lokumbe: Dear Mrs. Parks
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17 Nov 2010
Conductor: Thomas Wilkins
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Lokumbe: Dear Mrs. Parks Album Only
I - A Prayer for the World (Audience) - The Over Soul Sends to Us (Chorus) (2:07)
II - A Prayer for the World (Soprano, Mezzo - soprano, Bass, Chorus) (4:35)
III - For We Have Walked the Streets of Babylon, Forty Thousand Strong (Chorus) (8:32)
IV - In Sacrifice (Chorus) (6:43)
V - For the Future (Chorus) (1:07)
VI - Seeds of the World (Bass, Chorus) (5:53)
VII - Songs from Heaven Falling (Soprano, Chorus) (9:27)
VIII - Like Luminous Rain Upon the Daughters of Isis (Mezzo - soprano, Chorus) (13:09) Album Only
IX - Giving Their Children the Will to Continue (Child Soprano, Chorus) (2:53)
X - Singing a Prayer for the Souls of the World (All) (4:48)
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