Mark Petering - Sampler - Works for Orchestra
30 Jul 2010
Conductors: Maxim Eshkenazy; Yuri Ivan
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Petering: Concerto for Tuba and Orchestra for Aubrey Foard N/A
Composer: Mark D. Petering
Artist: Aubrey Foard
Conductor: Maxim Eshkenazy
Recording Date: Mon 26 Apr 2010
I - Lament (6:22) N/A
II - Flashback One (3:02) N/A
III - Flashback Two (4:30) N/A
Petering: Concerto for Clarinet and Strings ("Three Psalms") N/A
Composer: Mark D. Petering
Recording Date: Sat 18 Oct 2008
I - Psalm Prelude (4:01) N/A
II - Quilters' Psalm (6:56) N/A
III - rain on the fields... (4:27) N/A
Petering: Train and Tower after Sibelius
Composer: Mark D. Petering
Conductor: Yuri Ivan
Recording Date: Thu 17 Apr 2003
Train and Tower after Sibelius (7:09) N/A
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