Ensemble Made in Canada plays works of John B Hedges
17 Apr 2010
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Hedges: What the People Say
Composer: John B Hedges
What the People Say (3:10) N/A
Hedges: Night Scenes for Violin and Viola N/A
Composer: John B Hedges
I.Musing (2:37) N/A
II.Urban Festival (2:02) N/A
III.Cat Play (1:29) N/A
IV.Motherless Child (3:02) N/A
V.Bone Dance (1:38) N/A
Hedges: Tea Poems for Piano N/A
Composer: John B Hedges
I.First Pouring (2:17) N/A
II.Shifting Tastes of Oolong (2:36) N/A
III.Sharing Ceylon and Cylons (2:35) N/A
Hedges: Piano Quartet "November, 2004" N/A
Composer: John B Hedges
I.Aurora over Saratoga (8:34) N/A
II."Watching You Without Me": A Ghost Story? (5:49) N/A
III. - Molotov Dances (5:35) N/A
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