Virginia Glee Club, John Liepold / Bruce: Young T. J.
31 Jan 2010
Ensemble: Virginia Glee Club
Conductor: John Liepold
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Bruce: Young T.J. N/A
Composer: Neely Bruce
Conductor: John Liepold
Recording Date: Tue 13 Apr 1993
I - Be wise today (1:20) N/A
II - What stronger Breastplate (0:22) N/A
III - Let there be Music (1:27) N/A
IV - This vast and solid earth (2:24) N/A
V - How vainly would dull Moralists (1:07) N/A
VI - Look round, how Providence (1:12) N/A
VII - Music has Charms (0:42) N/A
VIII - Sweet are the jasmine's flow'rs (0:52) N/A
IX - These shall I slight? (1:19) N/A
X - Sun of the soul (1:17) N/A
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