Boquiren Chamber Works
12 Jan 2010
Presenter: Adelphi University
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Boquiren: The Book of Mourning, Quarto II: Images
The Book of Mourning, Quarto II: Images (9:13) N/A
Boquiren: Tres Marias
Tres Marias (full) (17:57) N/A
Boquiren: Requiem: alone for flute
Requiem: alone for flute (10:38) N/A
Boquiren: Panalangin/Pananampalataya (Prayer/Faith)
Panalangin/Pananampalataya ("Prayer/Faith") (12:04) N/A
Boquiren: The Decent Existence
Recording Date: Fri 13 Feb 2009
The Decent Existence (7:59) N/A
Boquiren: Missa Cum Jubilo (quintet)
Ensemble: NOISE
Recording Date: Sun 1 May 2005
Commissioned by NOISE. Instrumentation: flute, guitar, cello, piano, and percussion (quintet version from 2005)
Missa Cum Jubilo (quintet) (12:18) N/A
Boquiren: Doves N/A
Ensemble: pulsoptional
Recording Date: Wed 1 Jul 2009
This is a studio recording mastered by Thom Limbert. pulsoptional: Sidney Boquiren (piano) marc faris (electric guitar) Todd Hershberger (bassoon) Thom Limbert (percussion) John Mayrose (guitars) Carrie Shull (oboe) Caroline Mallonee (violin)
I - Joy (2:49) N/A
II - Mourning (9:18) N/A
III - Peace (2:08) N/A
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