X264 Asin (flute), Valdepeñas (clarinet), Landsman (French horn), et al. / Karg-Elert, Martinu, Saariaho
16 Aug 2009
Conductor: Sydney Hodkinson
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Martinu: Quintet for Piano and Strings no 2, H 298 N/A
Poco allegro (6:21) N/A
Adagio (6:52) N/A
Scherzo: Poco allegretto (6:18) N/A
Largo-Allegro (non troppo) (8:01) N/A
Saariaho: Graal Théâtre N/A
Delicato (17:26) N/A
Impetuoso (10:44) N/A
Harbison: Four Songs of Solitude
Composer: John Harbison
Recording Date: Sat 15 Aug 2009
from Four Songs of Solitude (12:10) N/A
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