Violin Futura - Contemporary Solo Violin Project
2 Jun 2009
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Szewczyk: Cadenza I N/A
Cadenza I (1:27) N/A N/A
Dillon: Mister Blister N/A
Mister Blister (2:12) N/A N/A
Kennedy: fp (For Piotr) N/A
fp (For Piotr) (2:14) N/A N/A
Cooman: The Doors In The Sky N/A
The Doors In The Sky (3:20) N/A N/A
Mellits: Zubrowka N/A
Zubrowka (1:55) N/A N/A
Williamson: Homecoming N/A
Homecoming (3:12) N/A N/A
Morozumi: Real Phone Key N/A
Real Phone Key (3:45) N/A N/A
Wickman: Respite N/A
Respite (4:29) N/A N/A
Grey: Left for the Dogs N/A
Left for the Dogs (2:53) N/A N/A
Bates: Blue Berceuse N/A
Blue Berceuse (1:18) N/A N/A
Castillo: Cirque N/A
Cirque (2:16) N/A N/A
Harrington: Puce N/A
Puce (3:11) N/A N/A
Einbond: Fish Gotta Swim N/A
Fish Gotta Swim (2:00) N/A N/A
Kellogg: Sizzle N/A
Sizzle (1:49) N/A N/A
Eggert: Idyl N/A
Idyl (5:07) N/A N/A
Szewczyk: All-Wheel Drive N/A
All-Wheel Drive (2:49) N/A N/A