Alain Marion, in his own voice: Marion teaches Nina Perlove, 1995-1997
7 Apr 2009
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Devienne: Sonata in D Major
Recording Date: Mon 1 Jan 1996
1/3 - Allegro con spirito and Rondo (32:11) N/A
Hoover: Medieval Suite N/A
Drunken Friar N/A N/A
Demon's Dance (5:14) N/A
Griffes: Poem for Flute and Piano
Recording Date: Thu 1 Feb 1996
Poem for Flute and Piano (13:26) N/A
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Nina Perlove (flute)
When listening to these recordings, please download the PDF program notes for the transcriptions and translations. Also, be sure to visit my Alain Marion project page at
to download copies of my article on Marion's teaching from Pan Magazine, for a copy of the memorial tribute I wrote for him in 1998, and for other links to information on Alain Marion.

These recordings were made by me while I was Alain's student in Paris, France between 1995-1997 and reflect the genius of his teaching. You can read more about his teaching methods in my article "Expressive Teaching: The Legacy of Alain Marion" published in Pan Magazine, September, 2008. I have nearly 12 hours of lessons recorded so I will periodically be adding more sound files and PDFs to this album. Thank you to Pryor Dodge for the photo of Alain!

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Nina (flute/author)
Pour L'article "La pédagogie expressive d'Alain Marion" en francais, cliquez ici:
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