Fifth House Live! - Music of Dr. Mark Petering
24 Dec 2008
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Petering: Music Box ("River Silver") for Violin and Piano
Music Box ("River Silver") for violin and piano (5:10) N/A
Petering: String Quartet no 1/Symphony no 2 for Strings and Optional Tape ("Travelogue") N/A
I - Train & Tower (7:18) N/A
II - Quilters' Psalm (6:46) N/A
III - Open Road (8:28) N/A
Petering: Three Pieces for Mixed Trio for Clarinet, Violin and Piano N/A
I - Thicket (6:33) N/A
II - Coastline (6:03) N/A
III - String Theory (3:42) N/A
Petering: Concerto for Clarinet and Strings ("Three Psalms") N/A
I - Psalm Prelude (4:01) N/A
II - Quilters' Psalm (6:56) N/A
III - rain on the fields... (4:27) N/A
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