Music Alive Ensembles - 11/5/2008
4 Dec 2008
Conductor: Joan Tower
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Holst: St Paul's Suite for Strings, Op. 29 no 2/H 118 N/A
Composer: Gustav Holst
Conductor: Joan Tower
Recording Date: Wed 5 Nov 2008
Jig (3:11) N/A
Ostinato (1:50) N/A
Intermezzo (3:48) N/A
Finale "The Dargason" (3:32) N/A
Brown: Weave for 2 Violins
Composer: Conor Brown
Recording Date: Wed 5 Nov 2008
Weave for two Violins (5:06) N/A
Siegel: Sound Patterns
Sound Patterns (12:12) N/A
Zhou Long: Song of the Ch'in
Composer: Zhou Long
Ensemble: Chimeng Quartet
Recording Date: Wed 5 Nov 2008
Song of the Ch'in (9:32) N/A
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