A Musical Offering a la Française
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17 Nov 2008
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Matteis: Diverse bizzarie Sopra la Vecchia Sarabanda o pur Ciaccona
Diverse Bizzarie Sopra La Vecchia: Sarabanda O Pur Ciaccona (4:48)
Boismortier: Balets de village en trio (4), Op. 52, no 1
Introduction - The Village Peasants Offer a Gift to the King (0:39)
Premiere Ballet de Village (9:46)
Lully: Trios pour le coucher du Roy (18), LWV 35
Simphonie (1:02)
Sarabande (1:15)
Dans no bois Silvandre s'ecrie (1:18)
La Jeune Iris (1:23)
Ou etes-vous alle? (0:40)
Chaconne (3:31)
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Melissa Snoza (Flutist, Executive Director)
This program had to be one of the most fun we've presented - and Byron Colby was the perfect venue with a truly wonderful audience.

One of the audience members posted this review on Facebook, and I couldn't resist including it here. Thanks, Sandi!


On Sunday afternoon at 4:00, in the Court of His Royal Majesty the King of France, the Fifth House Ensemble gained the King's highest praise with a most exquisite perfomance of music. His courtiers were likewise treated to the delights of this wonderful group of excellent musicians. I had the honor and privilege to be present as a member of the King's Court. To call it entertainment would be a total understatement. Playing together, the musicians created a harmonious synergy that flowed sweetly over the audience. Yet each member of the group proved his or her individual talent with breathtaking solos. All were wonderful, and without taking away from any one performance, I feel compelled to mention two in particular. Elizabeth Choi played a violin solo that can only be called relentless in its demands on her ability. There was never a moment of respite for her during the piece yet she performed with aplomb. Her smile, and the audience's, at the end said everything. Karl Rzasa on the bassoon stood out playing many complex passages during several pieces. Again, while these passages were clearly extremely demanding, his performance was flawless. In all, the King and his courtiers were well and truly entertained. We hope the Fifth House Ensemble will grace us with their music again in the future.

The afternoon's performance was designed as a hypothetical evening of chamber music as it would have been performed in a French King's court during the 1600s. A member of the group played the King himself and the evening was sprinkled with diverting and amusing moments such as gifts being presented to his majesty. As always, the Byron Colby Barn played its role perfectly, providing wonderful acoustics that delight the audience and the musicians alike. The intimacy of the space is unequaled anywhere.

I cannot say enough about this first concert of the Early Music series arranged each year by his excellency the Royal Head Musician Mr. Joel Spears and the most esteemed Manager of the King's Byron Colby Barn, Mr. Stan Rosenberg. We look forward to the second performance on November 9th. For information, contact Mr. Rosenberg at

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