Shanghai String Quartet, The Knights / Wasfi, Tree, Sopp, et al / Ezzat, Brahms, Azmeh, Whitman
5 Sep 2008
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Ezzat: Requiem
Composer: Amin Ezzat
Ensemble: The Knights
Recording Date: Thu 11 Sep 2008
Requiem (17:08) N/A
Brahms: Quintet for Strings no 2 in G major, Op. 111 N/A
Composer: Johannes Brahms
Ensemble: Shanghai Quartet
Recording Date: Thu 11 Sep 2008
I - Allegro non troppo, ma con brio (10:11) N/A
II - Adagio (6:43) N/A
III - Un poco allegretto (6:12) N/A
IV - Vivace ma non troppo presto (7:09) N/A
Azmeh: Sounds of Syria N/A
Sounds of Syria (7:45) N/A
Sounds of Syria, II (7:56) N/A
November 22nd (6:43) N/A
Azmeh: Wedding N/A
Wedding (8:30) N/A
Airport (8:58) N/A
Song of Myself Workshop (2008) N/A
I, II, III - I. I Celebrate Myself, II. A Child Said, III. Twenty-Eight Young Men (10:23) N/A
IV, V, VI - IV. The Pure Contralto, V. Stretched and Still Lay the Midnight, VI. I Have said the Soul is not more than the Body (9:58) N/A