kaleylaneeaton - YouTube - 4:50
Composer and singer of new music Kaley Lane Eaton takes her passion for 20th century art song to Josiah Quincy School in Downtown Boston (Boston Public Schools). The result: kids can dig anything w...
7 years ago
kaleylaneeaton - Vimeo - 1:47
From La Maja Dolorosa.
7 years ago
kaleylaneeaton - Vimeo - 2:55
From Mirabai Songs.
7 years ago
bostonnewmusic - Vimeo - 3:58
"Song in Mistranslation" by Lembit Beecher Deirdre Viau, flute Yhasmin Valenzuela, clarinet Chris Homick, cello "Das Zauberbuch" by Mike Solomon "Tota Pulchra" by N. Lincoln Hanks BNMI Ch...
8 years ago
bostonnewmusic - Vimeo - 9:00
"Fugue State" by Peter Van Zandt Lane: Mark Emery and Greg Smith, trumpets; Whitacre Hill, horn; Katie Daugherty, trombone; Jobey Wilson, tuba "Creatio Ex Nihilo" by Thomas Sturm, winner of the ...
9 years ago
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