pittsburghsymphony - YouTube - 0:46
The magical music of Walt Disney. And, the thrill of the Pittsburgh Symphony. Live, in concert, experience the Disney magic that has enchanted generations with your family! For tickets: https://ww...
1 day ago
pittsburghsymphony - YouTube - 1:19
The Low Brass of the Pittsburgh Symphony keeps busy leading into this week's concert, Berlioz's Damnation of Faust. For tickets: https://pittsburghsymp...
16 days ago
pittsburghsymphony - YouTube - 0:52
Kiya Tomlin & Demeatria Boccella host Lift Every Voice: Celebrating Phenomenal Women. With the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, and special musical guests, this concert celebrates of women who push t...
22 days ago
pittsburghsymphony - YouTube - 0:31
The battle between heaven and hell. Between temptation and redemption. An epic tale that has fascinated since tales began. Manfred Honeck brings Hector Berlioz’s sprawling dramatic legend, The Damn...
1 month ago
pittsburghsymphony - YouTube - 3:26
One of two debuts with the PSO this weekend, pianist Inon Barnatan talks about Rachmaninoff Concerto No. 1, his start with the piano, and working with Manfred Honeck and members of the Pittsburgh S...
1 month ago
pittsburghsymphony - YouTube - 3:17
Making his debut with the PSO this week, Spanish conductor Pablo Heras-Casado sits with WQED’s Jim Cunningham discussing the concert program, meeting the orchestra, and the city of Pittsburgh. For...
4 months ago
pittsburghsymphony - YouTube - 6:09
Manfred Honeck speaks about the about Leonard Bernstein's impact on Pittsburgh and his own career. Musicians Nancy Goeres, Zach Smith, and Rebecca Cherian tell stories of their own interactions wit...
5 months ago
pittsburghsymphony - YouTube - 1:32
Did you know that October is American Archives Month? Join us in celebrating as we continue to post more behind-the-scenes features throughout the month!
5 months ago
pittsburghsymphony - YouTube - 1:21
The PSO Archivist, Carolyn Friedrich, introduces us to one of the PSO’s most extensive and oldest archival collections. Visit the PSO Archives Portal Website: https://archive.pittsb...
6 months ago
pittsburghsymphony - YouTube - 0:51
Your support shares the power of music with tens of thousands in our community. Help unlock $1.25 million by making a new or increased gift before August 31. Check out our video to see what we're...
7 months ago
pittsburghsymphony - YouTube - 1:06
In a summer evening celebrating Brahms favorites, violinist Kelsey Blumenthal and cellist Mikhail Istomin invite you the the Brahms in the Haus concert on July 18, 2018, where they will be performi...
8 months ago
pittsburghsymphony - YouTube - 3:28
With his upcoming debut with the PSO, pianist Benjamin Grosvenor talks with WQED’s Jim Cunningham about Pittsburgh, Manfred Honeck, and his perspective on Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No. 2.
1 year ago
pittsburghsymphony - YouTube - 2:49
PSO Cellist Mikhail Istomin discusses the upcoming BNY Mellon Grand Classics concert “Regal Classics” featuring Variations on a Rococo Theme and other selections, March 23 & 25 at Heinz Hall. For ...
1 year ago
pittsburghsymphony - YouTube - 3:15
Craig Knox, PSO Principal Tuba recounts his introduction to the tuba and the world premiere of Higdon’s Tuba Concerto and performance of Berlioz’s Symphonie Fantastique on March 16 & 18, 2018 at He...
1 year ago
pittsburghsymphony - YouTube - 3:50
Artist/Illustrator Stacy Innerst talks about his art and inspiration working on children's books, including his recent illustrations for to story "The Music in George’s Head: George Gershwin Create...
1 year ago
pittsburghsymphony - YouTube - 3:45
Returning to the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, Christoph König speaks with WQED's Jim Cunningham about the upcoming concert. He touches upon working with pianist Yulianna Avdeeva and his personal ...
1 year ago
pittsburghsymphony - YouTube - 1:15
The Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra will open the 2017-2018 season with a spectacular concert and Rhapsody in Blue Gala and Soirée on Saturday, September 16, 2017. Endorsed by the New York Times as t...
1 year ago
pittsburghsymphony - YouTube - 1:30
Violist Paul Silver shares why our vision is to put Great Music in Every Life. Please, help make our vision possible! http://pittsburghsymph...
1 year ago
pittsburghsymphony - YouTube - 2:03
Make Great Music in Every Life Possible! https://www.pittsburgh... Paul Silver, violist, shares some of the great moments during his time at the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchest...
1 year ago
pittsburghsymphony - YouTube - 1:58
Make Great Music in Every Life Possible! https://www.pittsburgh... Paul Silver, Viola, on his favorite moments of our 2017 season, and how music unites all of us at the Pitt...
1 year ago
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